NEXXU gathered local expertise – relying on the knowledge and experience of renowned professionals (executives, ex governmental authorities, marketing gurus and strategists), from the most reliable and relevant strands – and global experience from major partners, working together to hold debate, influence legislation, regulations and guidelines and to contribute for a better world
NEXXU’s main focus and greatest demands used to be concentrated in Europe. As the Company developed itself it consolidated its existing market share with clients from all over the world the group further positioning its footprint into South East Asia. Kuala Lumpur was then chosen to be our global Headquarters and we currently have strategic alliances in London, New York, California and Beijing.  We are always willing and committed to take up new challenges and further expand our business and market penetration to a global level.
Our strategic growth planning was put together including a strong foothold on strategic management and marketing services and further Internationalisation strategies not yet attended by the company, all with a relationship of complementarity with the original concept, but growing from a specialised boutique to an integrated services provider, including Strategy and Tactics, Consulting & Advisory, Branding and Marketing and Internationalisation. With a view to soon consolidate the company’s in a position of leading reference in the global market.

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